Kick the Can
This new novel is coming along very very slowly. The story takes place in Ely, Minnesota, up in the woods where Clarisse rents a cabin for a year. She confronts her own dark past with the backdrop of the northwoods beauty. Making her debut is 78 year old Violet Berryman, a woman who believes in her own power of persuasion to ward off mosquitoes, mean dogs and the occasional man. Also enjoying the book’s spotlight is Coolidge Stonewall, a short gynecologist with a wide moustache and little dating experience.

The Column
Jody has a regular column in the Eden Prairie News called “Prairie Rustlings” — first column was Nov. 3, 2009. See Commentaries page to read more.

The 50 Mile Diet
It seemed a simple enough idea when it began. Could I eat strictly from foods within 50 miles of my home for the month of August? What began as a curious challenge changed the way I ate. The blog chronicles the preparing for that month, the hungry month of August, and the months that have followed. This is a non-updated old website. But it still lingers….